Northwest High School’s Tatiana Santiago is this week’s Boom Sports Media Girls Soccer Player of the Week. The award is sponsored by Sporty’s Awards & Engraving.

Here’s what her coach, Caitlin Pinhey, had to say about Santiago: “Tatiana is a dynamic force in the midfield and an asset to the Lady Vikings program. Her growth as a player is difficult to quantify, but it is easily seen in her play on the field. Her dominant play has been a consistent offensive and defensive force for the Lady Vikings, propelling us forward with her determination and fighting spirit. She is an honor to coach, and it is a gift to watch her play develop and improve each game.”

Here’s how the vote totals ended up:

1.Tatiana Santiago, Northwest — 513 fan votes + 531 expert panel votes (5 of 14 experts) = 1044 total votes

2. Hope Johnson, Montgomery Central — 252 fan votes + 425 expert votes (4 of 14) = 677 total votes

3. Makayla Curtis, Sycamore — 456 fan votes + 106 expert votes (1 of 14) = 562 total votes

4. Abby Brander, Kenwood — 222 fan votes + 212 expert votes (2 of 14) = 434 total votes

5. Harper Dee, Cheatham County Cental — 44 fan votes + 212 expert votes (2 of 14) = 256 total votes

Santiago will be presented her award later this week.


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