Emily Fisher from Sycamore High School is the Boom Sports Media Player of the Week (for last week, for games through September 20).

The senior midfielder/forward had eight goals and five assists last week.

“She is probably our most reliable player. She is very disruptive in the middle of the field, and creates consistent scoring opportunities for our team. She is never selfish, and she is able to keep her head in tough game situations,” her coach Sheila Gaertner said.

Sycamore (6-1-1) faces Cheatham County Central (5-0-1) for first place in the district tomorrow night at Sycamore at 6:00 PM.

Fisher won both the fan vote and the expert panel vote:

Here’s how the votes added up:

Emily Fisher, Sycamore: 222 fan votes + 209 expert votes (7 of 14 experts) = 431 total votes

Carsen Mosely, Cheatham County: 106 fan votes + 60 expert votes (2 of 14) = 166 total votes

Alexis Parkes, West Creek: 48 fan votes + 89 expert votes (3 of 14) = 137 total votes

Emma Walker, Rossview: 42 fan votes + 60 expert votes (2 of 14) = 102 total votes

Congratulations to all the finalists!

Fisher will be presented her plaque later in the week.

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