Westview is a strong basketball program from Martin, TN, and plays stiff competition in a basketball-rich region of the state. They have had the same coach, Sean Stephenson, for many years, and that continuity has resulted in a long stretch of success, including seven consecutive trips to the Elite Eight.

This year’s team may go down as the best in school history, if they can win a state title. Their record of 31-5 is the record for wins in their history.

Strength: Strong fundamentals that result in few mistakes. The Lady Chargers don’t make many mistakes, and typically don’t make bad shots. To beat them, you have to make the best of your scoring opportunities. They don’t play fast, so patience will be important. Expect balanced scoring from their starters.

Strength: They are generally fast starters and strong finishers. In the state tournament, their best quarters have been the first and fourth. Look for them to be ready to play from the opening tip, and they will play until the final buzzer.

Weakness: If the game tempo is fast, they may have a problem. Westview’s starters play 90%-95% of their minutes. Get them running, and conditioning could be an issue. Get any of their starters in foul trouble, and things could get dicey for the Lady Chargers.

Here’s Westview’s starting lineup:

Zanasha Gadlen (#10) Senior Guard

Alexis Callins (#15) Senior Guard

Tiara Yancey (#30) Junior Wing

Avery Leyhue (#30) Sophomore Wing

Raegan Johnson (#50) Senior Post

FORECAST: Expect this game to be more like the recent games with Creek Wood and Grainger: slower paced, close scoring. If Cheatham County scores more than 50 points, they most likely win. Westview rarely gets out of the 40-50 point range in total points. Cheatham’s game is press, cause transition baskets, go on 10-point runs. If that happens, the Lady Cubs win the state championship today.


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