We captured some great video at the Middle & High School Cross Country Meet at Dickson on Tuesday.

20180911 – BOOM – Dickson XC Meet-1 from Lawrence Gunnells on Vimeo.

In the Middle School 3200M event, Charlotte Middle had both the boys and girls individual winners. Jack Martin had a time of 11:33 for the boys. Briana Burgess took the girls medal with a time of 12:25.

The top three Middle School teams were: Boys (in order)–Dickson, Fairview, and Davidson Academy; Girls (in order)–Davidson Academy, Fairview and Dickson.

In High School Boys, the teams finished as follows: Dickson, Sycamore, and Greenbrier. Jason Hatcher(17:23) of Dickson finished first for individual honors. Mark Helser (18:41) of Sycamore finished second, followed by Justin Witt (18:54) of Montgomery Central in third.

In the High School Girls event, Dickson finished first, followed by Montgomery Central and Cheatham County Central.

Top three individual finishers were: Jade Trice (21:25) of Greenbrier; Allie Potter (21:38) of Dickson; and Olivia Plunkett (23:14) of East Hickman.

VIDEO BY Eric Johnson for BOOM


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