Obviously the priorities are clear to all members of the Chad Watson family, at least according to the timing of the arrival of new son, Beau.

Watson and his wife Katherine became parents for the second time at 4:29 AM on Saturday–roughly seven hours after Watson’s team, the Northeast Eagles, improved their record to 5-0 after defeating Dyer County. Katherine was in active labor in the stands, and was giving Beau a pep talk the entire time.

“I was telling him to hang in there so we could see Daddy coach and (cousin) Devon (Dillehay) play,” Katherine said. “It was more of me telling the refs they were going to have to get their acts together so I didn’t have to leave the game to go have this baby!”

“We left home right after the game and she was pretty close to delivering,” Chad Watson said. “She’s a pretty tough cookie.”

Apparently Beau knows football. Though he is not quite at his playing weight, he got a good start at birth: 8.9 pounds, 19.5 inches long.

“I’m hoping for a linebacker,” Katherine said. “He’s got big hands and seems to be built more like his daddy and cousin Dev.”

And don’t expect Katherine or Beau to spend any time on the “disabled list.” Asked if she will be at the game on Friday against West Creek, she said, “Absolutely, wouldn’t miss it for the world! But we will be hiding away from everyone!”

PICTURED: Chad Watson, wife Katherine, older brother Samson and new team member Beau. PHOTO SUBMITTED

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