We’ve said it more than once and it’s even bigger now: Stewart County’s loss at Sycamore is going to bite them. And no one is happier than the War Eagles.

Last night, with a possible home playoff game on the line, the Rebels fell hard to the home-standing Camden Tigers, 45-17. The loss gives Stewart County two losses in the region, with top-of-the-heap Fairview still waiting for them in the final game of the season. Also noteworthy, the game between now and then is their big rival Houston County (7-1) who is having a highly successful season themselves.

And no one benefits more than Sycamore, who at 3-5 could still end up 5-5 and HOSTING a playoff game by beating Cheatham County Central (1-7) and Camden (4-4 overall, but 3-1 in region).

With two weeks left, the only thing set in the region is that Fairview is in and is the #1 seed. Even a loss to Stewart County can’t change their position, as they are 4-0 in the region and have already beaten Camden, now tied for second with Sycamore (2-1 in the region). Should Sycamore beat Cheatham and Camden, and Fairview beats Stewart County, the War Eagles will be the #2 seed and host a playoff game.

(PHOTO: Sycamore has one-leg of the county championship behind them with their win over Harpeth. Now Cheatham stands between them and a possible home playoff game. BILL CLARK PHOTO)

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